3 Tips on Choosing the Right Hand Dryer to Keep Employees Healthy

Plastic bags or paper? Paper hand towels or hand dryers? These questions have people always choosing one side of the fence when it comes to the debate for their favourite option. Renovating restaurant bathrooms not only offers a clean, updated look that your patrons will enjoy, but also help to keep your employees healthy. When selecting new hand dryers during your bathroom renovations, keep these points in mind to help minimise the spread of bathroom bacteria to your employees.

Directional Air Flow

Directional air flow can make a difference to the direction in which bacteria move while hands are being dried in the hot air. For example, a hand dryer that pushes the air down over the hands and towards the feet is a lot healthier that one that has no directional flow to it.

Air that is pushed straight out onto the hands could then both upwards and place bacteria near the employee's nasal cavities. This is one of the fastest ways for bacteria to enter your employee's bodies and make them ill.

HEPA Filters

The second important factor that determines the health effectiveness of a hand dryer is the inclusion of a HEPA filter. When hand dryers blow their hot air over hands, bacteria that are removed from the hands can end up re-entering the hand dryer. Because of this you need the most efficient filters that can remove this contamination to stop it being blown back out over the next user's hands.

The HEPA filter removes over 99% of the bacteria which is in the air, which means that the air being used to dry the hands of your employees is as clean as it can be. This reduces the number of the bacteria that are on your employee's hands once they leave the bathroom and return to work.

Antibacterial Additives

The third feature to look for in your new restaurant hand dryer is one that has an antibacterial additive in the unit. These additives work in conjunction with the HEPA filter to push clean, sanitised air out over your employees' hands. Modern hand dryers that have the antibacterial additive already moulded into the materials used to build the hand dryer means you never need to remember to add an extra additive to the machine. It is already protecting your employees without manual intervention.

By choosing a hand dryer that offers these three levels of protection, the chances of your employees walking out of the bathroom with bacteria remaining on their hands are greatly reduced. Sick employees impacts on the daily operations of your business, so keep their health in mind as you renovate your restaurant bathrooms. For more information, visit resources like http://www.pacifichygienesystems.com.

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